Official Antistasi Community Edition Wiki


Official Antistasi Community Edition Wiki

Hello and welcome to the Antistasi Guide!

In case you don’t know, Antistasi is a mod for Arma 3, a game by Bohemia Interactive. To be more specific, Antistasi is a Capture the Island style mission which centers around a rebellion whose goal it is to win back the map from occupying as well as invading forces. In this mission the players start with only minor assets and resources and must loot and collect more assets from their enemies to stock them up. Over time the players can also accumulate money as well as HR so they can hire as well as train AI to either help them to attack, fulfill tasks or defend already conquered position.

In order to provide more detailed information into How to play Antistasi, the usage of different in-game systems, information about the calculations behind those systems as well as debug console commands for admins and also instructions for developers that are interesting for example extending Antistasi we have created three different guides.

Beginners Guide – for information about how to play the mission, in-game systems and how to use them
Detailed Reference Guide – for a look behind the curtain of calculations and more in-depth information
Dev Guide – for general dev information, debug commands, porting instructions and such

We hope that you find the information you are looking for. For further questions, join our Discord or visit us on Github.

Good luck and best wishes, The Antistasi Dev Team