Win / Loss Conditions


Win Condition

  1. 50% or more of the remaining population supports the player’s faction.
    1. You can see the total population for the map and how much support you have from the map item at HQ

    2. Note the word remaining above. This means murdered population reduces the raw number of people that have to support you in order to hit the 1/3 mark

  2. You control all airbases on the map

Lose Condition

  1. More than 1/3 of the population has been murdered.
    1. This takes place when an enemy faction conducts a “Punishment” mission where they will destroy the town and kill everyone in it.

    2. Real civilian kills do not matter. Only the population of destroyed cities.

Win and loss conditions are only evaluated on each resource check. So you won’t win immediately when you capture the last airfield, for example.